Thursday, February 4, 2010

Familial Musing

An age old  question, 'What is Art' was topic for conversation during last night's chauffeuring son to music lesson. I find our dialogue most interesting and his fifteen-year old mind is as equally questioning as my fifty-two year old curiosity.

We pondered the loss of understanding of say a blank black box (or white) with a single line or dot within, or no other markings for that matter. It was fun to access it might be 'minimalist' but still we wondered, was it the art of marketing that gets some work museum status, or is it a more welcoming thought, art can be anything?
Is the image above one or two images? If you said two, which one is more interesting? Where does the white end? At the first thin line or end of shape? Is it off center, or just right? Would you pay money to see this in a museum or hang in your home or office?

Perhaps it's timing. Or networking Is the artist in the right place at exactly the right time, knowing the curator or the submission process and meeting deadlines with requirements intact? It very well may be all things mentioned here -  timing, networking, and many additional 'thing's like perception, economy, longing, lust, technique, education, impression, and the list goes on.

I do know the act of creativity is fun. My son and I agreed if making art is fulfilling to the artist, that in and of itself, is rewarding. The topic of art and making money at art is a separate be continued.

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