Sunday, January 17, 2010

In Whose Opinion

Here we go. Not one week after Haiti earthquake and here comes the criticism over how inept the rescue mission is going so far. The media thrives on espousing negative 'press' and I wonder why does this country even bother to extend itself when the establishment use every effort as grist for their own material mill?

What is a realistic expectation? Obama reacted quickly and it certainly is not his personal fault if the roads are blocked and the airport cannot accommodate all the traffic descending upon the area.  Jake Tapper questioned Bill Clinton and George W. Bush this morning on 'This Week' asking what have we learned from previous disasters? Both men responded with similar assessments saying organization is paramount to getting the help dispersed where it is most needed - housing and communication. Instead of focusing on an outburst incident why not focus on the progress that is taking place?

I know it's the job of news organizations to report what is happening but it really irks me when the negative is given seemingly preference over the enormous amount of positive events taking place. Yes positive. I know it's hard to imagine in the wake of so much destruction that things can be positive, but there are survivors. Sure the numbers aren't very high, but considering the event, that is what it's all about - getting help to survivors in time.

I don't like hearing about the people that almost made it. Like the eleven year old girl who after being pinned down and finally dug out did not survive because her injury required medical help that was not close enough.

That is a sad story. My heart goes out to the family but she was attended to by whatever means was available. Surely it is to be expected that no matter how swift the U.S. responded there will be many who don't make it. It is the nature of total destruction coupled with preexisting undeveloped means that many more will die.

I'm asking myself how I could be of more help. I've offered my home to a friend whose relatives are now part of a population that is fighting for basic needs. My offer will most likely be unaccepted because my friend's cousin will stay exactly where he is to be of help to those so in need around him. That is character. That is strength. That is resolve. I only hope this cowboy gets what he needs.

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