Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Direction: From Blogger to WordPress

I like Blogger and I didn't want to leave the site. But the call to growth nibbled at my hopes, and I've decided to learn Wordpress. I'll use that interface from now on and I hope whoever visits here will take the time to go find me at new blog:

Naming the blog 'See The Idea' came from something I have on my business card.

As a photographer, seeing the idea, is what I try to do each time I make an image. When covering a news assignment the camera acts as a tool to further communicate the essence of the story. As an artist, I use both the camera and software to see an idea I have in my mind, an expression of beauty.

Photography is an every day tool that lets people document their moments, and express their creativity.
Hope to see you and your ideas wherever our paths may meet!

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