Friday, April 6, 2012

What's In A Name?

Do onions, chicken, tomato, hydroponic lettuce, cheddar cheese, and bacon nestled into a grilled tortilla sound like a 'Robert' to you? The Arc Eatery in Meriden would be happy to introduce you to its latest luncheon menu item.
Lunch made to order

Chef impresario Joe Berg prompted staff to put their noodle to the test and invent their own edible creations. Robert, a 3-year employee, rose to the challenge and delivered a hybrid between a panini and wrap sandwich that has been added to Arc's specials for lunch choices.

When Joe told me about the ingredients and how they would be prepared we speculated what name the sandwich would go by. I thought wrappini would be good, but 'Robert' won out, giving full credit where credit is due.
Robert spices up indgredients
I came to try out the delicacy with every intention of seeing how to make it, should I want to recreate it on my own. Robert used dill when spicing the onions.

All the vegetables are lightly sauteed and are placed inside the tortilla, along with strips of grilled chicken. The concoction is then assembled by folding it into a manageable roll, and lightly grilling it again, giving the outer side a toasted golden brown finish.

If dietary concerns are an issue you can custom order the contents. Although I omitted the best parts, cheddar cheese and bacon, it still tasted buttery wonderful. Robert said he enjoyed conjuring up something different.

The sandwich is getting a lot of orders. "We like to try different ingredient combinations," said Joe. "With food it's all been done before, and the challenge was to find something new." 

The Arc Eatery recently installed a greenhouse where fresh herbs and lettuce are grown and the chef uses everything harvested in their daily culinary offerings.

'Next on my list is baking. I'd like to create my own cookie," said Robert. I'm wondering what it will be and how the cookie will crumble. I'm hoping to see something with oatmeal and cranberries ... hmmm ...  just thinking about it may prompt the baker in me!

Do you have any sandwich creations you'd like to share? Or for sweet but healthy treats, I'd love to hear your suggestions! I'm interested in healthy but yummy!


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    1. Thanks for stopping by Joyce. I'm headed back to Arc this week for lunch!!