Saturday, March 31, 2012

Savvy Strategy Campaign For Businesses Takes Flight

Do you ever feel like you need a shot of enthusiasm to see a project through? What happens if that project is your business? Unless you've already 'arrived' at whatever benchmark defines your success, who couldn't use some networking tips, or actual business services that would assist in advancing their business, and by way of representation, themselves?

Zef Zen of Entrepreneurs that SOAR is someone you should know. A powerhouse of personality, your first impression of Zef will be positive. She exudes "possibility" with every breath she exhales, and in doing so, convinces you that you can do anything you put your mind to. Zef bases her business model on that belief, and can provide needed help by way of interns to assist in all kinds of support, from emotional to administrative to creative.
Zef Zan, left, gives raffle prize to Victoria Fennell during the 1st of several
destinations of 'Souring into Action' Tour. The  Tour campaign is organized
by Zef's company, Entrepreneurs that Soar. 
Zef will tell you the acronym in the business name, SOAR, stands for: Strategies + Opportunities + Alliances + Results = getting from point A, (an idea), to point B, (success). Isn't that the idea than anyone goes into business?

Zef says, "It's not enough to collect business cards, you have to take the next step in networking."

Knowing what to do after you meet a potential client is the difference between turning an oversized and underutilized rolodex into a lead that is actually an opportunity.

One recent campaign underway is the 'Soaring into Action' Tour. Beginning March 28th, Zef's SOAR team is making several stops throughout Connecticut to promote professional outreach. The live social networking is much more effective than a LinkedIn request, making connecting a more realistic experience once you meet a person.

Campaign Flyer
I love the flyer photo. It shows a jet plane literally taking flight and is a perfect analogy needed for getting aboard with momentum and putting yourself into a ready position.

I attended the first destination in West Hartford's Barcelona Wine Bar. I met several new people who are established in their own businesses. What impressed me is the attitude they all shared - you have to keep on growing and not sit back on what's happened.

This isn't to say that taking time to appreciate successes already earned isn't well deserved, but instead, emphasizes there's always room for possibilities of new business when you take action.The second 'layover' is scheduled for April 11th at Javapalooza Cafe in Middletown followed by a Branford location. A fourth and final destination has yet to be determined.

Attendee Dave Marsden, left, draws business card from box for a prize.
Intern Alex Sannicandro on right works with Entrepreneurs That SOAR
during her last year at Quinnipiac University, where she is finishing up degree in
Public Relations.

For more information about networking or to find business services offered through Entrepreneurs that SOAR visit:
Drew Berman, best selling author and business coach left, and Zef Zan, owner of Entrepreneurs That SOAR stand for photo after the event concluded. 

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