Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What a day it is and was!

Twenty Years Married
It's been twenty years of marital bliss! Today is my wedding anniversary and what would I be up to at work? Scouring the stock houses for a photograph of a bride! I find this coincidence to be ironically funny, particularly when what I see on IStock, Photolibrary and Photospin are ghost and goth brides and brides wearing bright red boxing gloves, hands gesturing a 'kapow' motion, and of course if I search long enough there's a fair amount of provocative bride photography, alluding to what comes after the ceremony.

What I need is a beautiful photograph where everything in the frame is PERFECT. The gown and how it is styled, the woman's hands and how they are placed, and the expression, all have to speak to a feeling of happiness.

We're hitched
There can't be a sad or forlorn looking bride. I'm amused at some of the stock imagery on file. Brides looking lethal, and others industrial as they pose in unlikely places - railroad tracks, factories and rugged mountains. A wedding day is supposed to be about bliss, not blisters!

Honymooning in Montreal
I dug out some snaps and it's been fun to look back. What I'm really looking forward to are the next twenty! I love my husband and I'm happy it's been an adventure so far!

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  1. Belated but sincere wishes on your anniversary. Loved the pics...So nice to hear someone say that they're still in love with their husband 20 years later :)